10 Days of Foundation Day 2: Sephora Collection

Happy Easter to anyone who celebrates! If you’ve been following, I decided to do 10 days of foundation testing with 10 samples I got from Sephora. Read my introduction post to get all the details on what I’ll be trying and check out the day one post where I tried Fenty.

For the second day, I tried the Sephora Collection 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation. The only Sephora-branded product I’ve tried was a setting spray that was pretty underwhelming, so I really wasn’t expecting much from this. But wow, I’m pleasantly surprised! I guess I figured with all the name brand products in the sample pack, how could this compare? But it’s actually awesome. It feels so light on, not like you’re wearing makeup at all, but gives good coverage and a nice finish. I like makeup to be somewhere in the middle of matte and dewy. Too matte highlights my dryness, too dewy looks greasy. But this is the perfect middle ground.

IMG_5483I went right online to find out how much this could possibly cost and was SHOCKED to see it’s only $20!! For someone who wants a nicer product than drugstore, but doesn’t want to spend $40 or more on a bottle of foundation, this is perfect. The shade range is pretty decent, with about 37 shades. I don’t know what they all look like on skin, but the swatches on the site looks like they cover a lot of ground. I wish that each color was labeled according to undertones like a lot of brands do, but considering this is Sephora’s collection I assume that every store will carry it. I run into the problem of the store near me not having a lot of bigger products because they’re so small, but they always have this.

It’s only the second one I’ve tried in this little experiment, but I think this is definitely a contender for what I eventually buy at the end of this.

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