10 Days of Foundation Day 6: NARS

If you’ve been following, I decided to do 10 days of foundation testing with 10 samples I got from Sephora. Read my introduction post to get all the details on what I’ll be trying and check out the previous posts, Fenty, Sephora Collection, Dior, Laura Mercier and bareMinerals.

IMG_5478.jpgI really wanted to love the Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation ($49), because NARS is such a cult brand, but I felt pretty “meh” about it overall. At first, in the light of my room I though it looked really nice. It covered nicely, not full coverage but certainly not sheer, it didn’t feel heavy on and it didn’t stick to my dry patches. But when I went into my bathroom where the light is brighter, it looked pretty cakey on. It didn’t highlight my pores as much as the Fenty foundation did, but my attention was certainly drawn there. I’m not going for the “no makeup makeup look,” but I don’t want to look at myself and think, wow I can really see my foundation sitting on top of my skin.

This was a short and sweet post, but it just isn’t the foundation for me. However, there’s a lot of shade options to choose from with this line. If you have pretty smooth skin already, this might be a good option for you.

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