10 Days of Foundation Day 7: Make Up For Ever

If you’ve been following, I decided to do 10 days of foundation testing with 10 samples I got from Sephora. Read my introduction post to get all the details on what I’ll be trying and check out the previous posts: Fenty, Sephora Collection, Dior, Laura Mercier, bareMinerals and NARS.

For day seven, I tried Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation ($43). First, can I just say I always thought the brand was two words: Makeup Forever, but as I write this, I realize it’s four words: Make Up For Ever. Am I the only one apparently living under a rock?

IMG_5481.jpgOk back to the point. I used to use the Mat Velvet foundation, and I liked it enough, but I would like to try it again now that my skin has cleared up a little. I went in to a Sephora a few years ago when my skin was really bad and asked one of the sales girls if she could help me pick a foundation, and that’s what she recommended, but at that point, even the best foundations weren’t doing much for me.

At the recommendation of another Sephora salesperson a few months ago, (do I go to Sephora too much?) I have the Ultra HD Concealer. I got it for my dark circles, but it doesn’t completely hide them. I do like the formula though and use it for blemishes too. So I paired that concealer with the foundation to get the best end result.

This is definitely a quality foundation. It gave me about medium coverage so there was still some blemishes coming through. But what’s important is it looked pretty on my skin. It didn’t look like I had caked on foundation, it looked fresh and healthy. And it felt light on. My biggest complaint is that it took a long time to dry. At one point while I was still doing the rest of my makeup, I touched my face and left a big ole fingerprint right in the middle of my forehead. I don’t always want to set my whole face with powder because I’m just too dry, so I want a foundation that can go without it when needed.

At the end of the day, it looked fine. It was a little iffy in spots, but I think maybe a touch up or two throughout the day would alleviate that. I don’t hate the idea of having to touch up my makeup a few times if it makes me look good.

One thing that I’ve mentioned in almost all of these points is shade ranges. A lot of brands cater to light skin and it’s like dark skin is an afterthought for them—as was proven with the release of Tarte’s Shape Tape Foundation, where after receiving backlash, they said they wanted to get it out as soon as possible but darker shades were coming. That’s a bs excuse, in my opinion. Ultra HD, however, has 40 shades. Is every line going to match everyone 100%? No. But, at least with 40 diverse shades, most people can get something that works for them.

I think this is a contender, but before I make a final decision on what to buy, I’m going to try this one out again.

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