10 Days of Foundation Wrap Up & Final Thoughts

Ten Days of Foundation is over! If you haven’t been following along, I got a foundation sample gift-with-purchase from Sephora and have been trying a new foundation each day. I’ve tried Fenty, Sephora Collection, Dior, Laura Mercier, bareMinerals, NARS, Make Up For Ever, Becca, Urban Decay and Marc Jacobs.


This was an awesome way to find a new foundation. Walking into a store or browsing online just isn’t enough. Every foundation sounds good in the description but how do you know what it will actually look like on, with your specific skin type and needs? If you go the drugstore route, it’s hard to find the right shade match and even though they’re usually pretty cheap, if you have to go through three or four before you find something you like, that starts to add up. If you decide to go for high-end, you might be spending $40-$60 and hoping it works. Sure, a lot of stores allow you to return products, but buying and returning over and over again is exhausting, and news recently circulated that Sephora is cracking down on its return policy. I think most makeup stores give samples and/or will test out the product on you in-store, but asking for 10 samples seems a bit excessive. So being able to try 10 different foundations, seeing exactly how it looks on my skin, what it looks like in artificial and natural light and how it wears throughout the day before I even have to spend a dime is a god send. If Sephora is still offering this gift, I highly recommend anyone looking for a new foundation give it a try. It’s worth the $25 you have to spend to get it, honestly.

Something I learned about blogging about foundation is that it’s really hard to get pictures that show off the good and the bad. Foundations that looked terrible in person looked fine in pictures. It might have been easier to do reviews like this in video form, but I’m way too awkward and scared to start a YouTube channel! But one thing this taught me is that I need to stop fixating on how beauty bloggers tend to have perfect skin. It’s so easy to make it look perfect in a photo and you have no idea what they look like in person unless you meet them. I’m not the only one with problem skin and I have to remember that!

In the same breath, something I need to realize is that no makeup can make your skin look perfect when it’s textured underneath. I’ve spent way too much time and money buying makeup because the models or bloggers wearing it look perfect and thinking that my skin will look like that too. I go home, put it on and am instantly disappointed. Again, there’s editing, lighting and a camera lens in between that changes the actual appearance. Before I got this sample pack, I went to Sephora to ask about a few brands I’d heard of that I thought would work for my skin. I told the woman I was looking for a full-coverage foundation that wasn’t too drying and she said, god bless her soul, “You don’t need the coverage you think you need.” I was standing there makeupless thinking I looked awful, and she made me realize I’m way too hard on myself. I don’t need foundation with the thickness of paint.

All of this in consideration, I have two finalists: the Sephora Collection 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation and the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation. In addition to that, I’m also considering the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation that I tried and was ready to buy before I started the 10 Days of Foundation experiment.

I thought Laura Mercier’s Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation was also going to be a finalist. However, I tried it again and it just looks a little bit too heavy on. For a night out it would be perfect. For standing out in the sun, not so much.

I have a strong feeling I’m going to get the Sephora Collection foundation, considering it’s only $20 and absolutely blew me away. But I may also get Lancome for special occasions or days when I really want to look perfect. I’m still up in the air, and I’m not going to go to Sephora until the end of the week so I have some time to decide. I thought I was going to walk away from this test wanting every single foundation, so having just a few options to choose from is a relief.


In addition to the foundation samples that came in the pack, there was also the Too Faced HangoveRx Primer and the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer Camouflage that I got as one of my three free samples for ordering online. (I really feel like I cheated the system with this deal but, listen I’m broke sooo) I’ve said before that I’m not convinced primer does much other than add another layer of moisture. The HangoveRx feels really great on and smells nice. Do I think it wakes up my skin the way it claims? No. I look the same without it as I do with it. So would I purchase? No. Do I like it? Yes. The concealer is fine, and it’s not a bad price, but it doesn’t cover my dark circles well enough to warrant buying it right now. I also just purchased ColourPop’s No Filter Concealer.

Well that was a fun beauty blogging experience and I hope it can help anyone else desperately searching for a new foundation. If you have any of the foundations I tried or you also got this gift from Sephora, comment your thoughts below!

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