Privé Revaux x Madelaine sunglasses review

I’m a huge fan of Riverdale, and of course love Madelaine Petsch who plays Cheryl. When I found out that she was coming out with a sunglass line that was actually affordable, I was ecstatic. I ordered two pairs, the Street and the Candy. The packaging is on point. Each pair comes in a black triangular case with red velvet lining, a cleaning cloth and a certificate of authenticity. It feels incredibly expensive for $30 glasses.


But unfortunately the actual glasses just do not work for me. My face shape is notoriously hard to get glasses for. It’s round and (I guess) wide, and glasses are almost always too narrow, making me look even wider. The Candy, the small oval ones, made me look like, as my sister said, “an investigative journalist.” (For context, I am a journalist, but that description is not what I’m going for lol) The Street aren’t even close to as red as the website makes them seem. And again, they’re too narrow and weirdly shaped, and make my face look gigantic. They’re almost perfect circles, but if they just started farther down, if that makes sense, they’d be much better.


I tried to return them but you have to pay for your own shipping which is just annoying to me. Sure, I’d probably only lose $10 or so, but so many companies include a return label right in the original box. It’s good customer service! I think I’m going to try and sell these. I mean, they’re pretty and seem really well made, but just not for me and not what I was expecting from the images online.

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