May hits and misses

Somehow I blinked and it’s already the middle of June. I missed a few posts because of some extra freelance work stuff, but I have a few good things coming. I finally received the spring Walmart Beauty Box and I recently signed up for Boxycharm. I also just ordered the new Colourpop No Filter Foundation and I’ve been using BioClarity for about two full months now, so I want to evaluate and give my thoughts on that too. So lots of good stuff to look forward to this summer, but for now, let’s talk about a few hits and misses from May.



Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

I am really not a fan of podcasts. They either bore me to death or I completely tune them out. But when I learned that Jonathan Van Ness, the most precious breakout star of Queer Eye, had a podcast, I knew I had to give it a try. This man somehow figured out a way to keep me interested. His shows are usually about 30 minutes, and he invites an expert on to teach him about things. A favorite of mine is “How Can We Be Less Rude To Bees? with Prof. James Nieh,” and with titles like “What makes a cult a cult” and “Why’s the Bail System Such a Hot Mess,” I think there’s something for everyone. JVN has truly figured this podcast thing out.

Post Malone Beerbongs and Bentleys

I looove Post Malone and he completely killed it with this album. I could go on for the entire post about him but I will spare you. Just listen to it!

Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls

I’ve used this on and off for a few years now, but the price always forced me to try other things. After a year or so of not using it at all, I bought Pillow Soft Curls again and I can’t believe I ever stopped using it. My hair is hard to handle and incredibly moody so it’s so hard to find something that can tame my curls even slightly, but this really does what it promises. All of the Miss Jessie’s products I’ve tried have been great, but this one just takes the cake.


Neutrogena Rapid Dark Circle Repair Eye Cream

I probably had unrealistic expectations for this, but it was disappointing. I could see a slight brightening effect after using this cream, I think there’s a little bit of a glitter in there but it isn’t overwhelming or childlike. However, the slight brightening effect isn’t enough for my serious dark circles and after using it for several weeks, I didn’t notice a permanent difference, like it suggests.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Ordinary. Whether that’s because they make a range of incredible skincare products that cost just a few dollars or because their owner is… interesting. I decided to give their foundation a chance, and the first time I used it I was blown away. It was super full coverage and looked beautiful. But then I don’t know if it started to interact weirdly with my skincare but it looked cakey and kind of pilled up.

Just ok

Glossier Stretch Concealer

If you’ve read any of my posts, you know that I’ve been struggling to find a concealer than will cover my dark circles but won’t look cakey and dry. (And I wrote about Neutrogena’s dark circle corrector right above this.) Glossier’s Stretch Concealer claims to do just that. After about a month of using it, it is a really nice concealer. It doesn’t cake up or feel heavy and it does brighten up my under eyes a little bit. However it in no way covers my dark circles.I’m going to give it a try with a color corrector and see if that helps or hurts it. But it only has five shades?? What is that about?


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